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Croylek Limited is a leading supplier of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Insulation materials, including harnesses and sleeving.

The company stock and offers an excellent range of products from well-known manufacturers. More importantly, Croylek have the facilities and capability to cut, convert and process a majority of its products in several finished formats, to suit the needs of the customer and application.

Being an international supplier, allows the company to provide bespoke solutions to global customers who operate in diverse industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Rail and Mass Transportation. 

Croylek takes pride in the quality of its products and the ability to offer excellent customer service, from enquiry through to delivery. The company offers comprehensive sales and technical back-up. With 50 years in the industry, the solutions and advice provided can certainly be trusted.

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Our Products and Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of Electrical Insulation Materials, Mechanical and Thermal Protection and Harness Sleeving.

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We process and supply a comprehensive range of sleeving, of which a majority can be effective in temperatures from -40oC to +260oC.  Read More »

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This range of largely polymeric materials is suited to a broad array of applications requiring superior dielectric and thermal characteristics. Read More »

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The Croytape brand covers a wide range of adhesive, non-adhesive and woven tapes. Read More »

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Croylam is the brand name used for the variety of laminates, sheets and rods we currently stock. Read More »

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The range of Croyflex cables shown in this section is a selection of the most commonly used within our industry. Read More »



Dow Corning 561 Silicone Transformer Fluid is an ideal safety fluid for use in oil filled transformers and can be used safely even when the transformer has to be located close to the load, indoors or near buildings. Read More »


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