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Conform Expandable Silicone Rubber Glass Braided Sleeving



This unique material has the ability to expand over awkward shapes and conform itself to the profile of the part it is covering. It is often used as an alternative to heat shrink, has a high temperature resistance and requires no additional processes.

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  • Harnessing
  • Protection of components
  • Terminal protection
  • Properties  

    Operating Temperature: - 70˚C to +200˚C
    Thermal Class: H
    Dielectric Strength: B Version: 4 kV/2.5 kV
    A Version: 8 kV


    Good dielectric strength
    Highly flexible
    Good mechanical resistance
    Flame retardant


    In a large number of sizes, standard colour is black. The A version (8 kV) expands in the ratio 1:2, the B version (4 kV) expands to 1:1.6.


    A version has UL recognition

    - File Number E121222
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