As the Covid-19 outbreak is spreading rapidly, we want to let you know that Croylek Ltd will continue to do our very best to ensure continuity of supply throughout these challenging times. At the time of this email we are fully operational and are working normally. We are doing all that is possible to maintain supplies to our customers. Our supply chain reports no major issues with the supply of materials or goods.

However, there are circumstances that are now completely beyond our control (transport restrictions, border closures etc) which may have an adverse effect in the next few days/weeks. This could lead to extended lead-times, but we are unable to speculate at this time.

Our production capacity could also be impacted if our staff must self-isolate and refrain from work. We are implementing measures recommended by local and national authorities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) in order to protect the safety and well-being of our employees.

We are committed to supporting our customers; however, we cannot predict how the situation will develop. We are monitoring these potential issues, adapting internally to the conditions, and will endeavour to inform should anything negatively affect deliveries.

We hold high stock levels, most of our orders are shipped from on-hand inventory, levels are monitored regularly and proactively replenished. However, lead-times for non-stock items could be impacted, we strongly advise our customers to increase their stock holdings and order/enquire early to mitigate this volatile/dynamic period.

We advise that we work closer together, and kindly ask you to inform us of any changes in forecast/demand in the short term.

We remain at your disposal for any issues and please be assured we are doing all we can to mitigate the risks and keep our customers informed.

Mark Kosky

Managing Director

The above statements are based on the current information available and do not bind Croylek Ltd to any legal obligations. These statements are provided in good faith and no warranties are made to the completeness or accuracy and no liability is accepted resulting from the use or reliance upon these statements.