Expandable Braided Cable Sleeves

If you're looking for a durable cable sleeve that can protect your wires and cables against corrosion, abrasion, heat, fire, chemicals, and dielectric breakdown then a braided cable sleeve is exactly what you need. They have incredible versatility that will keep cables protected in the most challenging of environments.

This range of sleeves are made of braided woven fibres, usually glass or polyester, and they offer superior protection against a wide range of potential dangers. They will save you time and money from future cable repair and business disruption.

They can be used anywhere from marine, aviation and medical equipment to automotive, rail and manufacturing. Wherever wires & cables need a high level of protection, cable sleeves are an ideal choice. We have both expandable and flame-resistant sleeves, some coated or impregnated with varnishes & resins for additional high performance.