Crepe Paper Tape

Adhesive crepe paper tape is used for electrical insulation purposes. The tape comes in a wide array of sizes from 6mm to 50mm to enable you to choose the correct crepe paper tape for your application. Offering high performance, the tape works effectively in machine environments, once applied the tape retains its stable shape, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Benefiting from being moisture resistant, crepe paper tape works well in a variety of environments and also offers high tensile strength and durability. Crepe paper tape is often applied to circuit boards and works in similar electrical insulation areas due to its ability to cope with high temperatures.

It’s heat-resistant properties means the crepe paper tape can tolerate up to 140°C which makes it a practical choice for high-temperature masking. Crepe paper is also used for effective cable bundling and is easy to apply with hand tear ability meaning it can be removed without any cosmetic damage.
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