Heat Shrink Tubing

The ultimate way to protect your cables, this heat shrink tubing helps to create a protective layer around the cables. When exposed to heat, the tube shrinks, ensuring the cables are protected at all costs. It stops problems such as moisture, dust and abrasion from occurring. With heat shrink tubing, you can add a defensive layer for your cables which will offer less strain on your wires. You can also organise your cables effectively with heat shrink tubing. Whether you want to protect your personal home’s indoor applications or looking for something effective for commercial reasons, this heat shrink tubing will protect for longer. A flexible product, the heat shrink tubing is built to the highest quality and has good strength. The heat shrink tubing comes in both polyolefin and adhesive lined to help match your requirements. A must-have for both electricians and engineers, this versatile product offers water-tight protection for your cables.