Consultation & Services

See how Croylek can ease your workload with our cutting and finishing services:

Sample Prototyping

Our sample prototyping services use the most innovative technology to provide affordable and high-quality sample prototypes. 

CNC Routing

Our knowledgeable team can assist you in choosing the most suitable material for routing. We will work from your files and adjust them if your project requires CNC machining. 

CAD Cutting

Here at Croylek, we make it convenient to order custom CAD cutting services. Email us your 2D model to get instant assistance and an accurate quotation.

Sanding ServiceSanding Service


Our bespoke industrial sanding machine utilises twin sanding belts to provide a uniform sanding finish on a variety of materials. This is often used to create a rougher surface for improved grip with your chosen adhesive.

Gasket Cutting

Our gasket cutters have the latest tools available including cutting tables, and automatic and manual presses. We also have the most innovative and modern tools available including precision cutting tools that use ballscrew drives. 

Tape SlittingTape Slitting

Custom Tape Slitting

We can cut any kind of tape to any width you need.

Board Cutting

Need large or custom dimension board cutting? We have you covered and can accomodate a vast range of requests.

Cable Cutting & StrippingCable Cutting & Stripping

Cable Cutting & Stripping

Let us prep your cables for easy use on-site.

Managed Inventory

We can help you minimise stock holding and reduce costs with regular stock monitoring and replenishment.

Products bundled, bagged, and labelledProducts bundled, bagged, and labelled

Bagging & Labelling

Whatever materials, lengths and quantities you require, we can ship it to you in a useful format utilising either your own labels or ours.

Adhesive backingAdhesive backing

Adhesive Backing

Need it to stick? Let us laminate your material with an adhesive backing prior to cutting your final shapes.

Line Bending

What shape do you need? We form polycarbonate pieces in a variety of ways to meet precise standards.

Products bundled, bagged, and labelledProducts bundled, bagged, and labelled


With a creasing wheel we can cut and crease parts with precision, ready for bending into the required finished shape for quick & accurate installation.

One of Croylek's Cable Winding MachineOne of Croylek's Cable Winding Machine

Cable Winding

We have two sizes of cable winders to cover almost any size of cable and can rewind your large reels of cable into manageable lengths.

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