Consultation & Services

Sample Prototype

Our sample prototyping services use the most innovative technology to provide affordable and high-quality sample prototypes. Along with our expertise in using advanced technology, we use more standard techniques like thermoforming and CNC machining procedures to provide you with the perfect sample prototypes.

CAD Cutting

Here at Croylek, we make it convenient for our customers to order custom CAD cutting services online with our CAD cutting services. We enable our customers to upload their 2D models to get instant assistance and an accurate quotation.

CNC Routing

With exceptional product knowledge and expertise, our team will assist you in choosing the most suitable material for routing and can also work from your files while adjusting them if your project requires CNC machining. 

Gasket Cutting

Our gasket cutters have the latest tools available including cutting tables, and automatic and manual presses. We also have the most innovative and modern tools available including precision cutting tools that use ballscrew drives. 

Board Cutting

We offer a board cutting service for our cables and cut to length for our insulation sleeving products as well as a range of rigid PVC profile parts. Using a mixture of machines from guillotines to rotary saws we can accommodate most requirements

Managed Inventory

We offer a wide range of logistics option to our customers to suit all of their delivery and stock holding requirements. In an every changing business environment we recognise the demands on businesses to reduce costs and minimise stocks and we offer a variety of solutions that enable our customers to achieve this goal.