Why Should You Choose Rapid Sample Prototyping?

Reasons to consider rapid sample prototyping: 

  • Real prototype: You can bring your concept to life to show your investors or customers.
  • Showcase your features: With a prototype, it's much easier for you to demonstrate your idea's features, appearance, and dimensions.
  • Testing: You can test your prototype in the market before going for full production.
  • Flaws: Any flaws in the designs can be identified and eliminated.
  • Multiple versions: You can create multiple versions of different materials, features and colours to choose what will work best for your idea.

Sample Prototype

Here at Croylek, our sample prototyping services use the most innovative technology to provide affordable and high-quality samples. They withstand harsh robust testing, proving reliable for the final design before any additional processes like manufacturing and tooling. Alongside our unparalleled experience using high-tech equipment, we also use standard techniques like thermoforming and CNC machining to help make the best samples that suit your needs.

Choose Croylek

With years of professional experience, our team at Croylek can provide enriching advice on the current design and manufacturing market before prototyping begins. 

Whether you need just a few components or hundreds of them, we ensure that all your needs are met. This is done using the latest technology and traditional manufacturing techniques such as thermoforming and CNC routing to develop a cost-effective, rapid prototype with a whole range of substrates.

Further Information:

  • Materials - Wide range of polymers and composites
  • Lead time - Dependant on complexity of project
  • Delivery time - First Class delivery for UK. Contact us for international deliveries. 
  • Prices - Contact us for a quote

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