CNC Routing Services

With exceptional product knowledge and expertise, our team will assist you in choosing the most suitable material for routing and can also work from your files while adjusting them if your project requires CNC machining. 

CNC routing is a process required for drilling, milling and cutting products with a computer-controlled machine known as a CNC router. The primary purpose of CNC routing is cutting, engraving and carving objects out of a workpiece. With this CNC router, it replaces the need for a manual hand-held router. Additionally, errors are dramatically reduced when using a CNC router instead of a manual router. CNC routing offers timely and precise shaping materials such as SRBP, SRBF, FR4 and other rigid sheet materials in 2D and 3D symmetry. General routing applications include control boards, stator covers, insulation barriers, gaskets and general machined components.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A CNC Router?


  • Precise cuts: CNC routing is used when precise cuts are required regularly. It cuts the material effectively and accurately.
  • Compatibility: CNC routing is compatible with rigid materials like SRBP, SRBF, FR4 and other rigid sheet materials.
  • Dust collection systems: Our routing machines at Croylek are equipped with dust collection systems to collect waste during the cutting process.
  • Save time and reduce errors: Computer-driven routers are less time-consuming and reduce errors by creating similar projects every time, as long as all the external factors are under control.
  • Speed: The production capabilities and the speed of CNC routing make the cutting process highly cost-effective for both small and large production volumes.

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