Cable Trunking & Conduit

An ideal choice for your business or home, this cable trunking is the perfect choice for your wires. Made from a high-quality PVC, this cable trunking has a versatile cross-section and offers the perfect protection for your cables. You can access them easily when necessary and the trunking will ensure they stay in great condition. As well as providing an excellent way to protect your cables from accidental damage, cable trunking has an appealing design to stop the cables from being an eyesore. Used regularly in both domestic and commercial environments, the cable trunking has a wide finger slot design for ease of access. Ensuring the wires stay in fine condition, there is a restricted slot design which is highly effective. You also have the benefit of a non-slip lid which comes with the cable trunking. Whether you are looking for cable trunking for control panels, distribution boards or switchgear, this is an essential product.

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