Kapton Tape

From the well-known brand of Kapton, this tape is a high-quality item you need with many benefits such as being high temperature resistance. It stays firmly in place even after being exposed to high temperatures. It also has high mechanical resistance so it resists any abrasion or puncture. A highly versatile product, it’s perfect for providing electrical insulation and is used by electricians in the field from transformer insulation to coil insulation. As one of the most heat resistant tapes on the market, it’s also used in the auto industry, being used with heaters to ensure they sustain their temperatures. Aircrafts also use tape for manufacturing purposes. It’s also used for 3D printing and is excellent to stop the object from moving around during the printing process. You will also find the tape used on the windows of X-ray machines and the space industry, helping to ensure spaceships run at a consistent temperature.

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