CroyLam SRBP P1 Paxolin Sheet 1220mm x 1220mm

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DATASHEET (130.68 kB)


These Paxolin sheets are an essential product, especially when you are conducting low voltage installations. The high-quality sheets are made from laminate and are available in a variety of different sizes to fit your DIY needs. Paxolin sheets are a vital product for electrical installations and are often known as SRBP sheets. The laminate material they are crafted from benefits from being a strong insulator. This is vital in low-voltage environments and people purchase these to use for mechanical and electrical situations. The sheets are highly sought after in this industry as they are an affordable way to provide electrical insulation. They are also lightweight and easy to transfer from place to place. If you are buying these to apply in the workplace, you can easily transport them to the destination. They are also built to last and offer high strength with their top quality.

An excellent addition to a circuit board, these sheets are often bought for this purpose. The paxolin sheets are also bought by electricians to become the base plates in various machines. They are easy to install and are long-lasting so will work effectively. The paxolin sheets are also a popular item for hot punching. These paxolin sheets are essential to keep others safe and are an essential item when it comes to health and safety. Other uses of the high-quality paxolin sheets include drilling jiggs and foundry pattern plates. With excellent mechanical properties, these paxolin sheets are very popular and are a must-have for electrical installations. You will find the paxolin sheets in a distinctive brown colour.

Technical Info

Properties Average Test Results Value As Per: 2036 – 1995
Mechanical - -
Tensile Strength – Kg/cm2 1050 -
Flexural Strength/Cross 
Breaking strength – Kg/cm2
1450 1300 Min
Shear Strength – Kg/cm2 900 750 Min.
Impact Strength (Edgewise)
(Charpy method) –  KJ/m2
6.2 -
Specific Gravity 1.38 -
Electrical - -
Insulation Resistance after 
immersion in water for 24hrs. at 20oC – Meg Ohms
25 1
Electrical Strength in Oil at 90oC - -
Flat wise (3.0 mm Thickness) – kV/mm 3 -
Edgewise (5.0 mm Thickness) – kV 5 -

Material Data

Product Code 502
Material Phenolic based paper laminate
 Standard Colour Natural Brown
Operating Temperature – °C 90
Dielectric Strength – kV/mm See technical specification
Tensile Strength – kg/cm2 1050
Relevant Specification BS:2572:Grade P1;  EN 60893-3-4-PFCE201.
DIN 7735 Grade HP 2061. NEMA: L1 I 1989 Grade X


  • Terminal boards
  • Mounting plates
  • Busbar support  
  • Cable support
  • Insulation of sleeves and buses
  • LV transformers
  • Electrical switch gear

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Suitable for warm punching up to 3.2mm
  • Tough light weight material
  • Good insulation properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Rigid
  • Ideal machining material

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