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DATASHEET (308.42 kB)


PTFE tape is used in phase insulation for bundling end turns, spot bundling and anchoring breakouts. The aerospace industry also uses PTFE tape to protect airframe wire harnesses. The excellent dielectric properties of this product combined with its high-temperature adhesive coating make this PTFE tape an excellent choice as a high-temperature insulation product.

Material Data

Backing Material Film-PTFE
Adhesive Type Silicone
Total Thickness (mm) 0.089
Backing Thickness (mm) 0.051
Adhesive Thickness (mm) 0.038
Adhesion to Steel (N/cm) 3.3
Tensile Strength (N/cm) 53
Dielectric Strength (volts) 9000
Elongation (% at break) 150
Operating Temperature (℃) -73 to + 260
Colour Grey


  • Electrical Insulation
  • High temperature applications
  • Cryogenic and low temperature
  • Low friction
  • Impregnation masking

Features and Benefits

  • Most outstanding properties are its high dielectric and tensile strength, which make it an extremely durable insulation tape.
  • Length: 33M
  • The high temperature properties of the PTFE and silicone adhesive allow the tape to perform continuous temperatures up to 260℃.
  • A high-modulus tape, PTFE also exhibits low elongation which enables it to be applied with automatic wrapping equipment.
  • The other outstanding features of PTFE tape include chemical inertness as well as low-friction, anti-stick and non-toxic properties, making it the right material for numerous applications. This PTFE tape meets MIL-I-23594 U.S. Government specifications

Price Matrix

25MM £14.20