What Is Paxolin (SRBP) and its uses

What is Paxolin? This is a question that many people ask, but not many people know the answer. Paxolin is a type of insulation that is made from paper laminate and has been used in construction for many years.  Here we’ll look at what its properties are and what you can use it for. Keep reading to find out more!


What Is Paxolin and Where Does It Come From?

Paxolin is a type of insulation that is a phenolic resin bonded paper laminate. Paxolin is a fireproof laminate sheet that is made of several layers of paper that are impregnated with a synthetic resin. The finished product is strong and rigid, making it an ideal material for a variety of applications.

It is often used as a lining in electrical cabinets and as a base for printed circuit boards. It is also used in the construction of aircraft, thanks to its light weight and high strength.

Paxolin is manufactured by several companies around the world, and it is typically sold in sheets in a variety of thicknesses. Thanks to its many uses, paxolin plays an important role in a wide range of industries.


What Are The Different Types of Paxolin?

When it comes to choosing the right grade of paxolin, it's important to understand the difference between P1 and P3. P1 Paxolin conforms to BS EN 60893 3-4-PFCP201 and is made for low voltage and isn’t suitable for any contact with water.

P3 Paxolin, on the other hand, conforms to BS EN 60893 3-4-PFCP206 and is ideal for high voltage and contact with water.

So if you need a material that can withstand high voltage and exposure to moisture, P3 is the way to go. But if you're looking for a low-voltage solution for an indoor application, P1 should be your first choice.

P1 Paxolin

SRBP P1 is a type of electrical insulating material that offers several advantages in terms of cost, machinability, and mechanical strength. Made from a combination of paper and phenolic resin, P1 provides excellent insulation for low voltage applications.

In addition, it can be easily machined to meet the specific requirements of your project. When compared to other insulating materials, P1 offers a good balance of cost and performance. It is an ideal choice for projects where moderate electrical requirements are needed.

SRBP P1 is a popular industrial laminate that is known for its good machinability, mechanical and impact strength. As a result, it can be used for a wide range of engineering components, including electrical insulation components, spacers, base plates, side plates, simple jigs and fixtures.

In addition, SRBP P1 is often used in the construction of electrical cabinets and enclosures. Because it is easy to work with and provides good resistance to wear and tear, SRBP P1 is an ideal material for a variety of applications.


P3 Paxolin

When it comes to electrical insulation, SRBP P3 is the clear choice for moist environments. This material can withstand contact with water, making it ideal for applications where moisture is a concern.

Additionally, P3 exhibits good machinability and mechanical strength. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications where electrical insulation is required. Whether you're looking for a material that can stand up to wet conditions or you need something that is easy to work with, SRBP P3 should be your go-to choice.

SRBP P3 is a polyester film-backed sheet product made of synthetic resin. It is a dielectric material with good heat resistance, dimensional stability, and mechanical strength.

SRBP P3 is used in a wide variety of applications that require electrical insulation, such as terminal boards, tag strips, insulated enclosures, mounting panels, and busbar supports. It can also be used to create insulating sleeves and bushes, spacers, and coil formers.

SRBP P3 is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to meet the demands of different applications. Thanks to its many benefits, SRBP P3 has become one of the most popular materials for electrical insulation.


Paxolin FAQs


How Is Paxolin Used?

Paxolin is often used in control cabinets to mount busbars and for backing consumer power distribution units and fuse boards in both commercial workplaces and homes . It is also used in ductwork and piping to prevent heat loss. Paxolin is an effective insulation material because it does not absorb moisture, so it will not promote the growth of mould.


Are There Any Risks Associated With Using Paxolin? 

Paxolin is a safe insulation material that does not pose any health risks. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing paxolin to avoid damaging the material.


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